Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bananas for you and heart toast

I hope everyone had a 'Love'ly Valentine's Day yesterday! What did you do? We had a party at my parents and my husband was so cute! He gave me Dove Dark chocolates (my fav), gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and a beautiful card! It made me cry (awh)! So fun!  Anyways, I just wanted to share a little treat my kids and I passed out yesterday to friends at my husband's office, teachers, and some of our other friends around town.

We're 'Banana's for you!

I saw this idea in a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens or Family Circle, can't remember) and just had to do it for Valentine's Day! Everyone always gets so much candy on Vday that I felt like it would be refreshing to get a banana or maybe it is really lame, I don't know, but I thought it was fun!

All I did was make labels on my computer that said "We're 'Banana's for you!"
Then I just stuck them on the bananas. 
Simple as that!

Another thing I wanted to share was my son's Valentine's Day Toast.  

I just love this little toast! I think it is so fun! I was thinking that I could make ducks for Easter, balloons or other shapes for birthdays.  I'm so excited about this new idea! 

Anyways, all I did was make a piece of toast and cut it out with a cookie cutter!
 Simple as that!

Hope everyone has a great day today!



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  1. I think bananas are a great idea! We're not much into candy in our house, and my kiddos would think the fruity treat is fantastic. :) And I love the toast - I used to cut my daughter's sandwiches into all sorts of shapes - once I even made a ginger-bread man. How fun! :)

    1. Nita, a gingerbread man! Great idea! I'm going to remember that one! Smiles, Jill


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