Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy, We're Bananas for YOU!

We love our Daddy!
Therefore, we like to extend Father's Day to a week long celebration!
For Day 1, which was yesterday our Daddy got a jar filled with banana chips.
They are his new fav!
These banana chips are not just any banana chips,
they are Trader Joe's Vacuum Fried Banana Chips!
When we were visiting my brother and sister in law over the weekend, 
I stocked up on them since we don't have a Trader Joe's close to us unfortunately!
These are the absolute BEST! 
I thought they weren't as healthy as regular banana chips since the word "fried", 
is on their package, but they claim they are half the fat! Hmmm..who would've known?!
They are the BEST banana chips!

Here's what we did to make this present....

We got this jar from Target and made this tag.
You can download the tag here
To finish off the jar we adhered the tag with washi tape.

If you've never downloaded a printable follow these directions.....ENJOY!
You will be brought to Photobucket. You will not see the word "File" but if you take your mouse to the upper left hand corner of the printable, you will see it. Go to File then a drop down menu will pop up and go to download! There you have it! Now you can download and print away! Also, when in doubt, just right click right on the image and click "Save As". Then you can save the printable to your computer.  My printer allows me to print at different sizes like 8X10 and 5X7 along with the quantity to be printed off! Let me know if you have any questions because I was a lost puppy when it came to printables at first!

Have a super day!


  1. Hi Jill!!Thanks for always stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!Oh!I had to change my blog again because there was an issue with it.Hope you like it!By the way thanks for the bananas for you tag!!The fried banana chips are my favorite snack..I actually hide them in one of my kitchen cabinets from my boyfriend..I do not like sharing my treats..LOL

  2. Well, thank YOU for always stopping by and leaving me sweet comments! I'm glad there was an issue with your blog design because I love the new design! SUper cute! Glad you like the banana tag! Sharing is hard sometimes! I hear ya! Have a great day! Smiles, Jill

  3. that is such an awesome idea.
    DIANA L.

  4. Great idea for a daddy project - not just for Fathers Day though could be a birthday gift too. TFS

  5. OMG this is so awesome!!!! Such a fun Father's Day gift idea!! Your angel is just so adorable!!! Another fun project!!!

  6. Wonderful. Cutie photos of your daughter. We are getting a Trader Joe's but I hear that it is like a Central Market where the items are pricey. Is this true?
    Visiting from Jaihart.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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