Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bye Bye Crayon.. Hello Clean!

Recently, I cleaned out my classroom and said goodbye to teaching!
 I found these baskets when I was cleaning it out.
I was so excited because I'm redoing my craft room and needed little baskets.
The only problem was that they were all marked up from the crayons.
I tried everything to clean them up and nothing worked until I became friends with
Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser Pads! Have any of you tried these? Oh my, they work wonders!
Seriously, look at the pictures above, and it is proof!
The only thing they don't do as well on is pencil markings. 
Crayon is like a miracle, but pencil is not, so I just used a regular eraser!
They are all clean now and in my craft room!

What are your tricks for cleaning?

Hope your day is SUPER fun!


  1. Yes, these do work great! Just picked up another pack yesterday. I mainly use them to clean my Cricut mats though. Holly :-)

  2. First, this looks really awesome. Second, I think the idea seems really unique and I would LOVE the chance to win!

  3. I've had several friends try these things and they all love them!! Going to pick a couple up to have on hand next time I have a cleaning emergency!!! ;)


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