Monday, January 30, 2012

A day late and a dollar short

Today I went to enter my "Rosette" project into The Paper Variety's Challenge. I soon realized I was a day late and a dollar short...isn't that how the phrase goes?  Anyways, I still wanted to share with you my project because I think it is fun and you could potentially use it as a Valentine decoration if you wanted.

 All I did was take a Jones Soda ....if you can't tell I'm obsessed with Jones Soda a's another project I I don't drink pop all the time but if I'm going to I want a Jones!..Anyways, you could take any bottle..I actually wrapped that bottle with macrame yarn (if that is what it's called, forgive me for not knowing the technical term) You may wonder what I'm doing with a huge ream of Macrame yarn...well, my in-laws were helping my grandma in-law clean out her garage and they said "You're crafty. I bet you could find some way to use this HUGE ream of yarn!" So I did!  You could use regular yarn if you don't have a HUGE ream of macrame yarn lying around! ha!  I just hot glued it at the bottom and wound it around and hot glued along as I went.

Once I was all done my project looked like this:

I didn't like the looks of it and thought it needed a little bling! So, I added a rosette.  The tutorial I followed was Creations with Christina's.   Here's a close up:

Here it is altogether! Happy little flower in it's happy little vase!

Hope you're having a super day!
Happy Crafting

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  1. OMG's Jill....did you know that I have a hugh ball of heavy duty twine sitting in my craft room with plans to wrap around a bottle? Shut up...Not kidding...I was planning on doing this same project....Geeezz...we must be on the same wavelength or lurk on Pinterest to much!
    Come play along with us on the next TPV challenge Feb 1st.....Holly :-)

    1. Hs! That is wild! Ok, I will check it out and hopefully won't be late this time! Smiles, Jill

  2. Aww that's super cute! I just put some cuttings from a philodendron in a jar today. The jar would look much nicer if it was wrapped! Thanks so much for the project ideas! :)

  3. Totally DARLING Jill!!! I'm excited to be your newest follower!!! XO, Aimee

  4. Absolutely fabulous creation, Jill!! The bottle is so charming. Thanks for linking up with us at Paper Issues. :) Hugs, Leah

  5. Such a cute way to dress up a bottle!!

  6. What a fabulous project! I love it! Thanks so much for linking up with us over at Paper Issues, we're so glad you joined in the fun! :)


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