Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paint Shaker Ornament kid's project

Remember when I told you that I was in charge of  the kid's crafts at my husband's office party? I said that I made a Gumdrop Tree kit for the family to take home or work on together (you can find that post here) and we made an ornament.  Well, here's the ornament.  It's so fun to do with kids!  When I went to Hobby Lobby I had a different idea in mind of what I wanted the craft to be.  They didn't have any of the supplies I needed, they were all out!  So it was onto plan B, I thought of a craft I did as a child and LOVED it.  We also did these at my mom's group this year and all the mom's really enjoyed it.  Here it is:

They are so fun to make and super simple!
Want to make one?

Different colors of acrylic paint
Plain Glass ornament
Paper towels
Optional: paint marker

1. Take glass ornament and remove the hanging part.  Be careful because you don't want to cut yourself while pulling it out.  The glass can be sharp sometimes.
2. Add drops of paint inside.  Don't add too much or it could shake out the top. Also, you can always add more if needed.  Plus if you add too much than it becomes blobby. (Hence the right side of the ornament).
3.Put a paper towel on top of the ornament hanging thing because there is a hole at the top and paint could spray out the top. 
4. Shake
5. I added my son's name on the ornament with a paint marker, but it didn't photograph well so you obviously don't see it on the picture above.
6. Enjoy!

As I'm sitting here writing this and looking at the picture....I'm thinking how cute it would be to add a wire ribbed ribbon to it.  Hmmm...I think I will go add that now!


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