Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Time!

Last Saturday, my husband's work had a kids' Christmas Party.  I was in charge of crafts! Yay! So fun!  Anyways, we made a couple of things, an ornament...I will post later.....and a craft they could do as a family at the party. If they didn't finish it, they could take it home.  

I saw the idea to make gumdrop trees at  Make and Takes, but I decided to make Gumdrop Tree Kits. Since there was a lot going on at the Christmas Party, (food, Santa, making ornaments, chatting with friends, etc...) I wasn't sure they would get the Gumdrop Tree done, so I put all the supplies into a plastic bag with the family's name on it.  I was thinking this would also be a cute gift for neighbors or grandparents (they could do the activity with your kids).
Want to make one?

1. You just need a styrofoam tree
2. Toothpicks
3. Gumdrops 2- 11oz bags

Put all of this together inside a plastic bag with directions on how to make the tree :

1. Unwrap Styrofoam Tree
2. Have an adult cut the toothpicks in halves or thirds using their hands 
3. Take the toothpicks and insert them into the gumdrops
4. Be careful when doing this because you could get a splinter from the toothpicks
5. Place the gumdrop with the toothpick onto the Styrofoam Tree
6. Continue until your tree is filled with gumdrops to your liking
7. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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  1. Jill, these are so cute. I love looking at all of your great ideas!


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