Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Don't blink because then you may totally miss a whole month!  Seriously, where did November go? I can't get over how quickly it came and went!  Anyways, I thought I would share 2 shirts I made with/and for my kids for Thanksgiving.

This shirt my son made using his hand.  I painted his palm with brown fabric paint and then painted each finger a different color.  He haphazardly placed his had on his shirt....I love 2 year olds!  So I had to add a title at the top to offset the craziness, even though he smacked his hand down quicker then I could say "WAIT.... for Momma to help!" I love it though...probably even more!

This project was really fun to do.  We made these turkey shirts several times!  We made them with our play group friends and we also made them with our family on Thanksgiving! We couldn't get enough of them!  My nieces really got into it and even made turkey tracks up the arm sleeves!  They are very creative!


Here's the shirt I made for my daughter and God daughter.  It was super fun to make! Just cut your ribbon to the size you like. Mine were around 4".  I folded them in half and ran them through the sewing machine.  I then took some brown fabric very soft, and ironed on Heat n bond.  Then I drew the turkey shape onto the Heat n Bond and cut it out.  I ironed the turkey body onto the ribbon and then sewed around the turkey body using a zigzag stitch.  This helped to secure the ribbons.  I then sewed 2 black eyes on using black beads.  Yellow tulle for the beak and red felt for the gobbler.  I also stitched the ribbons down under the flap so they stayed against the shirt.  It was a really fun project!

Hope everyone had a Great November! 
December here we come!


  1. Wow, I can't BELIEVE it's December already!?!?!

    Those shirts are so soo sooo cuuuute! The hand print shirt is so cool! When I looked at the pic I said awwwww..... :)

    Happy December!

  2. This is too cute! I did something very similar for my girls :)

    Debbie B.


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