Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

My friend (she's awesome) came to visit me and we had the best time plus...we carved pumpkins!  Isn't it fun when friends come to visit?! Little did I know, that she actually had a pumpkin carving contest at her work.  So of course, we had to make her pumpkin super cute!  She wanted a princess theme, so we got out the Once Upon a Princess cartridge! Here's her final product:

So basically what we did was cut the crown and eyes out at true 2.6 on vinyl from the Once Upon a Princess Cartridge. We put the transfer tape on the vinyl and put it on the pumpkin.  The eyes were HUMONGOUS so we cut those down to fit. For the top of the crown she cut halfway through so you could see where it was supposed to be cut but not take it all the way out and then she cut the inside of the crown.  Make sense? This was the trickiest part. The eyes were super easy! She just cut around the vinyl eyes and pulled them out.  I think she totally should win....I don't have to even see the other pumpkins! Look at how cute it is! She even added eye shadow! Fun times....well, another Fun Halloween Project!

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